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Preferred Coach Id in IRCTC Next Generation eticket Booking System(Indian Railways)

“Booking shall be done in PRS in the coach given by the user if seats are available, otherwise the passenger is allotted in any other coach.” Now you can select Preferred coach in IRCTC. You can select berth type and coach in IRCTC Booking Now. But you cannot select Berth Number. Preferred Coach is the new functionality additionally added in irctc next generation eticket booking system. I believe coach Id they are mentioning is for Sleeper it is S1,S2,S3,S4,S4…S10 etc. For 3AC, B1,B2,B3 etc. First class AC A1, A2 etc. But didn’t give provision to select berth number. We can select berth type and Coach number. No need to worry if you have entered wrong number. If the Preferred Coach number is wrong or ticket is not available, system will check the available coach and confirms your ticket. Preferred Coach id is a not am awesome option but still it is a good option provided by IRCTC Booking system. Just give a try and post comments.   Read More »