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Tips to book ticket in IRCTC on peak hours

Newly developed IRCTC next generation ticket booking site has more lightweight methods. So it is always fast even in peak traffic hours also. Advance booking for irctc train ticket booking opens before 60 days of the travel. And it will open on 8am every day. During festival days, traffic will be more and all tickets booked within 5 mins. Because new ticket booking system is too fast and reliable. So now booking in IRCTC is more easier. If you miss the timing or if you are late by 5 mins you cannot book tickets, all tickets will be booked. So to book ticket in advance booking, you should have all details with you. And you should be logged in before 5 mins. Search the trains you want and select berth. Click on refresh link on availability section. Sharply 8oclock ticket will be available to book. And provide the necessary details. You can book easily within a minute. IRCTC tatkal ticket also a challenging one. Tatkal ticket booking opens on previous day of date of travelling. It opens sharply at 10am. Tatkal ticket booking fare is little bit higher than the ordinary one. If tatkal ticket is confirmed, you cannot cancel the ticket. And availability of the ticket is less compared to ordinary ticket booking. You should be loggedin to the system before 9.55am. Search for the trains you want and select the berth type you want. Click the refresh link in the top of the availability section. On 10am you ... Read More »

IRCTC Next Generation e-ticketing Journey Planner(nget irctc)- IRCTC.CO.IN- and

Follow us on Google+ and Facebook to get regular updates. Next generation e-Ticket booking URL : Next Generation E-Ticket – NGET IRCTC (IRCTC new booking site) Now if you enter, it will be redirected to Next generation eticketing system. Update: Preferred Coach Id in IRCTC Next Generation eticket Booking System(Indian Railways) IRCTC has launched new booking system in which you can book thickets in less than a minute. If you are enabled to access Next generation e-ticket booking system(nget irctc), you can access this site else you can login to this site but you wont get any links to book, just they will display link to go to This is the good and needed interface for customers. The fast and booking of this system is awesome. You can book thicket less than a min. You can’t enable for this next generation ticket system(nget irctc). It will be enabled by the system. Once you will be enabled to access this system, you can access this site. I think this site is in the beta mode. Once everything is going wwell, I hope they will allow all of us to access this site. Peak hour of Tatkal ticket booking is 10am to 12pm. NGET Irctc Tatkal ticket booking is also available in this system. Above the trains list you will find Tatkal option. If you select the option, you will get tatkal available tickets. Then you can book. Train ticket booking in 30 seconds. How to Book E Ticket in ... Read More »