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IRCTC How to book tickets if my bank is not listed in Next Generation E-Ticket Booking System Debit card payment

In the payment option section you will see the below options. In the above image you can see multiple payment options, but in this article we discuss about what we can do if we don’t have any debit card listed in the Debit cards section. First, we see what are all the debit cards we can use in the debit card with pin section. Below image represents what are all the debit cards you can use to authenticate with pin. It doesn’t mean you can use these cards only. Please note, still you can use your debit card to book tickets by selection other options. Let’s see what are all they. One of the option is “Payment Gateway /Credit /Debit Cards” section which is displayed at the bottom. Please refer the below image. Select any of the payment gateway listed below (Other than RuPay and American Express): Visa/Master Card(Powered By ICICI BANK) Visa/Master Card(Powered By HDFC BANK) Visa/Master Card(Powered By AXIS BANK) Visa/Master Card(Powered By CITI BANK) RuPay card users can select RuPay Card (Powered by Kotak Bank). American Express(AMEX) card holders can select American Express option. 1.If you select  Visa/Master Card(Powered By ICICI BANK) you will be redirected to ICICI payment gateway page. In that page you can enter all banks Debit card or Credit card and proceed for the payment. 2.If you select  Visa/Master Card(Powered By HDFC BANK) in the same page at the bottom you will get the option to enter the card details, you can enter all banks Debit card ... Read More »