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  1. Register as an individual.
  2. Login by entering your user name and password.
  3. The Plan my travel page appears.
  4. If the From/To station selected by you are correct in the route of the train then :
  5. Select e-Ticket option.
  6. To find train list, click on “Submit” option.
  7. The List of Trains show the number of trains available for that route.
  8. If you wish to know the route and the timings, click on the train name under the “List of Trains” option.
  9. To get the fare, click on class available in the selected train under “List of Trains”. It will show fare according to type of class selected. The fare appearing is for a single adult Passenger and the service charges charged by IRCTC.
  10. To select the train from the train list, click on the type of class available in the selected train.
  11. If you will click on the class in the train list then it will show the train details with availability.
  12. To book tickets, click on “Book Now” button under availability option.
  13. If you wish to select other train, click on “RESET” button.
  14. Ticket reservation page appears; check whether the train name and the station names displayed on the top of the page are same as desired by you.
  15. Enter the names of the Passengers, age, sex and berth preference for each Passenger.
  16. The ticket details, availability of tickets at the particular time and the fare, including the service charge, appear on the screen, along with the payment option Follow the instructions.
  17. “Payment Option” Select the Payment Mode and Bank From the Drop Down List.
  18. Click on the “Make Payment” It redirect to selected Bank Site.
  19. After successful payment and booking of accommodations, the User is shown the ticket confirmation details along with a “Print Reservation Slip” Button. On clicking the button ERS is shown with an option to print.
  20. The customer can subsequently also print Electronic Reservation Slip from the ‘BOOKED TICKETS’ link on the left navigation bar.


  1. help me i can not book tickets on nget website

  2. Preferred Coach Id in IRCTC Next Generation eticket Booking System(Indian Railways):

    New option from IRCTC.

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