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Preferred Coach Id in IRCTC Next Generation eticket Booking System(Indian Railways)

“Booking shall be done in PRS in the coach given by the user if seats are available, otherwise the passenger is allotted in any other coach.” Now you can select Preferred coach in IRCTC. You can select berth type and coach in IRCTC Booking Now. But you cannot select Berth Number. Preferred Coach is the new functionality additionally added in irctc next generation eticket booking system. I believe coach Id they are mentioning is for Sleeper it is S1,S2,S3,S4,S4…S10 etc. For 3AC, B1,B2,B3 etc. First class AC A1, A2 etc. But didn’t give provision to select berth number. We can select berth type and Coach number. No need to worry if you have entered wrong number. If the Preferred Coach number is wrong or ticket is not available, system will check the available coach and confirms your ticket. Preferred Coach id is a not am awesome option but still it is a good option provided by IRCTC Booking system. Just give a try and post comments.   Read More »

Railways may replace second class coaches with AC ones temporarily

I read article in IndiaTimes which says that “Railways may replace second class coaches with AC ones”. I was shocked when I read this article. Today they(Indian Railway) announced that, the replace of Second class to Ac is temporary. We don’ t have any thought to replace coaches. Source: Read More »

2048 Number puzzle game Android and IOS

2048 Number puzzle game, it is a kind of puzzle game. Your should move the tiles carefully. If you form the 2048 in one box you are the winner. It has more levels. But aim of this app is to form 2048 in any box. If you move one tile to another one new number will be introduced. You cannot predict the number and position. So if you do any single wrong move it will be more difficult to solve. It is very interesting to play. It has mobile version, ipad version and desktop version too. So you can play this game anywhere. Some times you may be addicted to this game. If you try one or two days you can from the tile easily. Read More »

SMS Backup and Restore Android app – SMS Backup +

SMS Backup+, which needed for Android users. Because it takes backup copy of message and Call logs to the mobile which you provide. It is easy to install and believe reliable. If you missed your phone or flashed your phone, you can easily restore it back to your mobile. So you will not miss any important message and call logs. It has more sync options too. To sync often it requires wifi. So it will not consume more battery. In ordinary data mode, it will wake up and sync nearly 30 mins. I hope we can change this if we need less interval. We have more apps in Android but this is light weight and user friendly. Call logs and Messages will be in your gmail under Labels. Read More » New Version Rich UI

Erail has new version which has rich user interface. Basically, is the PNR SEARCH, Seat Availability checking website. It is very fast. It has many options, Seat availability, PNR search, Refund Calculation, Seat Map, Indian Railways Fare, Suburb Fare, Refund Rules and Refund Calculation. You need Mozilla and chrome extension to access this site. If you are accessing this website first time. It will ask you to install the plugin and extension. It has mobile app also which is lightweight and it is reliable too. Android : Read More »

Tips to book ticket in IRCTC on peak hours

Newly developed IRCTC next generation ticket booking site has more lightweight methods. So it is always fast even in peak traffic hours also. Advance booking for irctc train ticket booking opens before 60 days of the travel. And it will open on 8am every day. During festival days, traffic will be more and all tickets booked within 5 mins. Because new ticket booking system is too fast and reliable. So now booking in IRCTC is more easier. If you miss the timing or if you are late by 5 mins you cannot book tickets, all tickets will be booked. So to book ticket in advance booking, you should have all details with you. And you should be logged in before 5 mins. Search the trains you want and select berth. Click on refresh link on availability section. Sharply 8oclock ticket will be available to book. And provide the necessary details. You can book easily within a minute. IRCTC tatkal ticket also a challenging one. Tatkal ticket booking opens on previous day of date of travelling. It opens sharply at 10am. Tatkal ticket booking fare is little bit higher than the ordinary one. If tatkal ticket is confirmed, you cannot cancel the ticket. And availability of the ticket is less compared to ordinary ticket booking. You should be loggedin to the system before 9.55am. Search for the trains you want and select the berth type you want. Click the refresh link in the top of the availability section. On 10am you ... Read More »

Irctc users can select seat or berth while booking from august 15 2014

Irctc users can select their preferred seat or berth whil booking in It is in development and expecting this to be completed by august 15th 2014. Recent news says, in the new budget they have allocated money and feature to select seats/berth while booking. In current system, users cannot select the berth or seat they want. Automatically system checks and selects the seat. Dont know how they are going to add this feature to the current system.  This change is going to be in the new nget irctc eticketing system. Lets wait and see the new system. Read More »